Denise Marie Jordan, LMSW


Certified Counseling Astrologer/Reiki Master


      Denise Marie Jordan is  a professional counseling astrologer certified by the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).  For the past twenty-three years, Denise has a private practice in New York and lectures for the NCGR Professional Astrologers Alliance where she teaches beginning to advanced levels of astrology, and is published in "The Ingress" with her article 'Ceres, The Harbinger of Transition'. 


     Denise utilizes astrology as a therapeutic and predictive tool in helping clients identify their innate potential and interprets for them the meaning of specific life cycles and how they correspond to inner psychological shifts and outer events.  By implementing a psychological and spiritual approach, Denise provides clients with the timing of transitions and their significance in order for a person to grow through experiences and make authentic life choices.  Denise's focus is to offer insight and practical guidance in all areas of life which include relationships, work, finances, family, and spiritual matters.

     In addition to astrology, Denise is a New York State licensed social worker and psychotherapist.  As a psychotherapist and counseling astrologer, Denise is passionate about helping people fulfill their potential for the purpose of living a powerful and co-creative life. She can be contacted at (718)747-5241 or for private and group sessions.


"To live our destiny requires continually giving up our ideas of safety.  Destiny is risk."   -   Robert Ohotto

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