Astrological Weather Forecast Beginning Sunday, October 22, 2017

October 19, 2017

     The word planet is derived from the Greek ‘planetos’ which means wanderer.  Ancients observed the celestial bodies travelling against the backdrop of the starry heavens and created myths correlating their movements with the human journey.  Essentially, man’s psychological shifts and outer events were associated with specific planetary patterns.  These early psychotherapists understood how a perceptual change can influence life direction and enable one to recognize opportunities that were previously believed to be nonexistent.


     Beginning this week, impulsive ‘Me First’ Mars becomes tempered as it travels through the Venus ruled relationship sign of Libra on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 2:30 pm EDT and stays until December 9.  Situations will now beckon us to consider how we engage in relationships when one’s desires conflict with another person’s values and opinions.  Do we fight and attempt to become a commander (Mars) in an equal partnership (Libra)?  Or, do we charge ahead with plans irrespective of another’s point of view?  If so, don’t be surprised by passive aggressive retaliation as you get stonewalled by a person's indecisiveness regarding your ideas.  With Mars in Libra, taking action in one’s best interest while diplomatically speaking your truth, is the key.


     On Monday, October 23 at 1:27 am EDT, the sun will enter the intense sign of Scorpio.  In Greek mythology, the sun god was named Apollo whose purpose was to dispel the darkness and bring brightness and truth to the earth traveler. The sun, being a star, represents our luminosity, vitality, will and determination.  Scorpio is a compulsive energy and is associated with all things taboo:  death, sex, and taxes.  Scorpio rules the hidden side of life such as psychology, occultism, forensics, archaeology, and the mob.  It is the irresistible pull of the undertow compelling one out to sea.  Unseen but powerfully felt; the mysteries of life. 


     There are many ghosts that can haunt one such as regrets, undisclosed affections and untapped potential.  As the sun remains in Scorpio until November 21, our masked selves are tempting us to engage.  Think ‘Halloween’ when the night time Trick-or-Treater arrives at your door requesting a treat in exchange for revealing his identity.  Sun in Scorpio’s theme for the next thirty days asks that you trade in your persona for a look into the deeper currents of your nature.


     Jupiter partners with the Sun in Scorpio on Thursday, October 26, and opportunities for solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems begin to appear.  Jupiter, known as Zeus, was king of the gods, ruling over heaven and earth.  Due to his elevated placement in the heavens as Lord and Master of the Universe, Zeus’ perspective provides an overarching vision of the laws of nature.  Thus, astrologically, Jupiter symbolizes wisdom, philosophy, and education.  Because the Sun and Jupiter are in the sign of Scorpio’s penchant for death and transformation, ‘gain through loss’ opportunities are presented, as outworn perspectives, approaches to work and/or relationships are relinquished in exchange for new circumstances that have been waiting in the shadows for your attention.  For the next month, the dark provides light.


Quote for Mars in Libra: “Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in a way that they ask for directions”.  Winston Churchill

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