Astrological Weather Beginning Sunday, October 29, 2017

October 27, 2017


     Moonstruck, lunar led, and over the moon are expressions which conjure images of a person gone slightly mad.  During full moons, temporal insomnia is reported even if one sleeps in total darkness.  A correlation between higher emergency admissions due to gastrointestinal bleeding and the full moon is reported by a study conducted in Barcelona, Spain. Superstitions about the moon and associated changes in behavior continue to fascinate and be explored.


     Luna, is the Roman lunar goddess who drives a silver chariot across the moon.  She oversees the night time and protects one when sleeping, as the conscious mind is no longer in charge.  Luna was honored as the patron of solutions as she enhanced intuition especially through dreams.  Her realm is one of mystery.


     Astrologically, the moon is associated with motherhood, fertility, the home, family, history, and society. She expresses through emotional responses and habits influenced by the past.  The moon represents the matrix and womb, providing shape and containment to whatever is enveloped.  As she changes signs every two and a half days, her effects may be witnessed by observing changes in societal trends and public mood.  Her constancy is found in the fluctuations of the waxing and waning of lunar cycles. 


     Complete visibility of earth’s only satellite occurs when the moon is full, causing high tides due to her magnetic pull.  During the new moon phase, she recedes into darkness.  Expressions such as ‘I am at home with myself’ as well as ‘That person is out to sea’ represent the extremes of her nature.  The Moon is most strongly felt when new or full but may be experienced when she changes signs and a shift in mood and internal rhythms occur.


     Beginning October 29 at 7:46 pm EDT until early Wednesday morning, the moon will be in the receptive, inspirational sign of Pisces.  Pisces is associated with symbols.  As in poetry, meaning and insight are conveyed through imagery.  For the next two and a half days request answers to questions before sleep and journal your dreams.  If you do not remember your dreams upon awakening, pay attention to feelings that arise as you shuffle into the kitchen for that first cup of coffee.  Rest as needed when the moon is in Pisces.  The wisdom of this sign is found in retreating in order to regenerate.


     As we enter midweek, Luna moves into action-oriented Aries.  It’s a passionate fiery moon so observe signs of urgency and impatience in yourself or others.  An Aries moon can ignite feelings and tempers may flare.  If you find yourself in a heated situation with others, diffuse it and become the balance point by responding rather than reacting.  For now, energy is best spent in physical activity.  So, go outdoors for a walk and enjoy nature.


     On Saturday, November 4 at 1:23 am EDT the Moon will be full at 11 Taurus 59.  The moon is at its apex, luminated by the sun’s opposition.  Tension, irritability and restlessness can be felt 48 hours prior to the lunation due to the oppositional pull of the luminaries.  Tides are highest, emotions at a peak. It is a culmination period where one can witness the results of seeds planted two weeks ago.  Reflect upon new projects or developments that began on October 19’s new moon.  Situations, and events come to light with intensity.


     The full moon in earthy, sensual Taurus, highlights your values, talents, and assets.  This time period will demonstrate how well you maintained your position and stood your ground regarding personal standards and future aspirations despite another’s values.  If you were ‘true to yourself’ during the past two weeks, expect to see evidence of the manifestation of your heart felt desires.  Enjoy the results and continue to make the most of your potential!


Quote For Full Moon in Taurus:  “Physical elegance comes from the body.  This is no superficial matter but rather the way that man found to honour the way he places his two feet on the ground.”      Paul Coelho



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