Astrological Weather for the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac Beginning Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 10, 2017


     Scorpio’s theme of change and intensity continues as the New Moon occurs on Saturday, November 18 at 6:42 am EST. Effects of this lunation can be felt forty-eight hours before complete darkness of the moon and two days thereafter, manifesting as mood changes as well as shifts in outer events. New beginnings are now indicated whether it be the first step toward a goal or a fresh mental outlook. Scorpio’s nature is penetrating and deep, and seeds planted will need to have personal significance in order to take root. Regeneration and healing are highlighted during the Scorpio new moon, signaling a time where one releases old attitudes and situations for the purpose of moving forward in a direction which brings meaning to life. Other people’s values, talents, and monies are emphasized as well, and this period can include support from another.


Autonomous Aries. Although you are a solo act, preferring to pave the way rather than follow, the new moon will have you focus on joint finances.  Money, from sources other than a paycheck, such as investments or IRA’s, may be a topic of discussion between you and your partner.  Investigate financial plans that yield long-term results and remember to focus on the intimate aspects of your relationship as well.


Earthy Taurus.  The new moon is highlighting relationships.  In order for another to back your continued efforts toward achieving goals, compromise is necessary.   Steadfastness is important but so is another person’s support and encouragement.  Working with others on creative projects requires a blending of artistic talents.   Expect optimal results when everyone adds their genius to the mix.


Inquisitive Gemini.  Your solar 6th house of health and daily routine is activated.  Now is the time to become curious about what has been ailing you. Is insomnia keeping you up at night?  Determine if another person’s challenges have you on mental overload.  Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing before bedtime, will turn off the internal chatter, and you will be able to catch up on some much needed Zzz’s.


Instinctive Cancer.  The spotlight is on children and self-expression.   A new development in a son or daughter’s life will involve your participation and possible financial help.  Thriftiness will guide your decision as to how much monetary support you can comfortably provide.  A creative project may present itself now.  Rely on your feelings for inspiration and motivation to achieve results.


Proud Leo.  Developments on the home front require more time spent with family during the new moon.  Involvement with parents and siblings appear to prevent you from seeking the limelight.  Don’t worry fun-loving Leo, we will hold your place at the local hangout, waiting for your return to amuse us as no one else can!


Discriminating Virgo.  The spotlight is on your communication style at this new moon period. Because your analytical ability is intensified, don’t be surprised if others include you in planning events and/or trouble shooting.  Helpful Virgo, just have some patience and wait to be asked for your sage advice, so as not to be perceived as critical.


Charming Libra.  My money.  Your money.  Can’t it be one and the same for partnership oriented Libra?  In order to have financial success, identify your values and needs before you approach another for support.  Don’t be concerned about stirring the pot.  Prioritize objectives according to personal goals and begin financial planning from this perspective. 

Enigmatic Scorpio.  The new moon occupies your solar house of personality and presentation.  Others will find you intriguing should you don a new look that suits your style.  Different haircut?  Another piercing?  Who knows?  It’s always a mystery with you dear Scorpio.  Whatever the appearance change, it will have personal significance and highlight your powerful demeanor.


Travelling Sagittarius.  Your talent for event planning is signified by this new moon phase.  Keeping the cards close to your chest as you strategize is indicated now.  Others may perceive you as going about business as usual.   However, the wood is burning as you chart the course for excellent results which involve important people in your life.  There’s a method to your madness, Sag!


Ambitious Capricorn.  How fortunate for you that the new moon accentuates colleagues, groups, and friends as well as other people’s resources.  If you ever desired to serve on a Board of Directors, it is a favorable time to rub shoulders with people who will recognize your integrity and motivation.  Your ability to make use of all resources, including another person’s talents and connections, will further your success.


Unorthodox Aquarius.  New developments in career and/or personal direction is indicated.  Time to take beginning steps toward goals.  Aquarians have a talent for networking and social change and now is an important time to connect with people who share values and aspirations.   The new moon in Scorpio signifies other people’ talents and resources, so the support of others will help zig zag you to wherever you want to go.


Compassionate Pisces.  This time period calls you to broaden horizons through travel and/or education.  Don’t be surprised if there is a short trip scheduled or you are asked to teach.  The New Moon begins a cycle whereby you are ‘out in the world’ inspiring others and encouraging them to make the most of their abilities, which bodes well with your empathic ability to have a ‘finger on the pulse of the public’.  Lives may be transformed because of your life experience and resiliency.


New Moon Quote:   “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”  Paulo Coelho



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