September 8, 2019: Moon 13 – 20 Capricorn Conjunct Saturn 13 Capricorn/Pluto 20 Capricorn

September 8, 2019

                                (Photo by Willgard at Pixabay)


     Although the Moon is known for her nurturing qualities, today Luna is serious as she enters the somber sign of Capricorn.  Here, she is summoned by Father Time to retreat into quietude and honestly acknowledge her feelings. 


     As the Moon continues her journey, she travels to the Underworld and encounters Pluto.  Luna partners with the Lord of Hades, and turbulence occurs.   Buried emotions surface and once forgotten longings appear and intensify.


     The Moon’s journey today asks us to be emotionally honest.  Once we accept our deepest, darkest desires, we experience intimacy in relationships.  Do you want to live authentically and feel passionate?  Then allow the message of Saturn and Pluto to guide you!  #Astrology #Moon #Capricorn #Saturn #Pluto #Healing #Energy


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