September 10, 2019: Moon 6 Aquarius Square Uranus 6 Taurus

September 10, 2019

                          (Image by Yande on Pinterest)


       Remember the Tom Jones’ song ‘It’s Not Unusual’?  Well, today it just might be.  The Moon, seeks emotional comfort.  Yet, she is traveling through unconventional Aquarius, while having a tense meeting with the lord of this sign.  Uranus the Sky God, rules the heavens and has a reputation for erratically hurling thunderbolts, electrifying the Earth’s night sky.  Whatever cozy relationship these two have is now disrupted, as their interaction is wacky, creating unpredictable outcomes. 


       Today, leave your expectations at the door, as interruptions, unexpected situations, and perhaps out-of-the-blue propositions, are the norm.   The Moon/Uranus tension shatters outmoded ways of perceiving life in order for us to experience break-throughs.  As we are freed from self-imposed limitations, our Spirits soar.  Now, is that ‘So Unusual?!’ 


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