September 11, 2019: Neptune Retrograde

September 11, 2019

                      (Image by Andy Kehoe on Pinterest)



       In Greek mythology, Neptune is known as Poseidon presiding over the oceans and weather conditions.   He is a strong, agile and tireless god who created the inhabitants of the seas.  Neptune is associated with inspiration and design as well as humanitarian service.


       Presently, the god is retrograde in his Pisces rulership until November 28 inviting us to reflect upon our ability to trust and ‘allow life’ to flow.  Are our actions motivated from a need to prove ourselves whereby we force solutions? Neptune’s answer is veiled in symbolism and we may encounter confusion and disappointment over our best laid plans being swept out to sea.  Whatever does not belong to us cannot stay. 


       In the course of the retrograde period, the god will surround our reality with mist to suggest where we have created illusions for safety.  Bear in mind, healthy boundaries are established when we ‘flow with life’ rather than trying to control outcomes.  During this time, allow yourself to transcend limitations through inspiration.  Dreams are potential realities. 


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