September 14, 2019: Full Moon 21 Pisces 05

September 14, 2019

             (Image by Andy Kehoe ‘Worlds Apart')


       ‘By the light of the Pisces Full Moon, someone will swoon even though it’s not June, my love’.Well that’s not exactly the way then song goes.But you catch my drift.Or should I say ‘adrift’ since it’s a Pisces Full Moon.


       Today may feel tense as our emotional lunar needs are polarized by solar ego energy.One might be out-to-sea and experience turbulent emotions despite attempts to be grounded as the Virgo Sun.Feelings are a powerful undertow when ignored, compelling us to take action although we may consciously choose otherwise.


       Full moons are culmination time periods and the seeds we carefully planted on the August 30th Virgo New Moon, will yield results.The Virgo/Pisces lunation reveals whether or not our dreams are grounded in reality, or if we feel earthbound and hopeless? Today, observe the progress of your new projects and cultivate its growth.Remember:Mother Earth supports you, while the sky is the limit. #Astrology #Full Moon #Lunation #Pisces #Virgo #Healing #Energy



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