September 16, 2019: Moon 23 Aries Inconjunct Sun 23 Virgo

September 16, 2019

                             (Image by Edward Gorey)



       In Astrology, aspects describe the relationship among planets.  Today, the Moon in Aries will form an inconjunct to the Virgo Sun which makes for some strange bedfellows.  An inconjunct describes two out-of-sync planets that are in contact with one another.  They have nothing in common, yet are attempting to relate.


       Imagine this:  The Virgo secretary politely asks her supervisor ‘Tell me exactly when you need the financial report’.  The Moon in Aries boss barks ‘yesterday!  ‘At one time was not patience a virtue?’, she questions.  Well, when the Moon is in Aries we are talking about speed and impulsive responses not perfection.  Will Miss Virgo and Mr. Aries ever be cozy?  It remains to be seen.  Perhaps if one goes for a walk every now and then.


       Astrology is based on a law of correspondences.  Daily planetary patterns reflect our shifting emotions and internal changes.  An inconjunct is associated with health issues because when stress is low level we adapt, remain unaware of its effects, and attempt to control situations with ineffective, habitual responses.  Illness signals us to change. 


       Today, resolution requires acceptance of circumstances, compromise, and adjustment.  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".  Albert Einstein



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