September 18, 2019: Saturn Stationary Direct

September 19, 2019

 (Image by Juliak)


       A serious atmosphere pervades the day, as Father Time stands still, stationing in Capricorn.  Astrologically, Saturn represents structure, stability, discipline, and the concentration of energy. 


       Since April 29, he was in Retrograde Motion, starkly confronting us in areas of our lives where we lacked stable foundations.  Delays and frustration experienced during this period, were orchestrated by Saturn in order that we review self-imposed limitations, which created the illusion of safety.  With heavy heart, outworn relationships and fear-based coping skills were severed by the Grim Reaper’s scythe.  And without excuses or apologies, he demanded we face reality in order to thrive.  Saturn is strict, he is concerned about growth not comfort.


       As Father Time pivots forward, we mature and firmly stand in resolve of our highest potential.  What’s the payoff, you ask?   A creative meaningful life, just for the price of being yourself! Oh, did I forget to mention that Saturn is humourous?  Well there’s a saying, “And then God created Saturn……and he liked it, so he put a ring on it!”

#Astrology #Saturn #Capricorn #Retrograde #Stationary Direct #Healing #Energy


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