September 19, 2019: Mars 20 Virgo Trine Pluto 20 Capricorn

September 19, 2019

                      (Image by Gematria  'Ascension of the Phoenix)


       The Babylonians noticed a correspondence between celestial patterns and outer events, believing the stars were heavenly messengers guiding their lives.  The Ancients observed that civilizations became restless and war erupted when a red planet was prominent in the sky.  Later known as Mars, he shared astrological rulership with Aries and Scorpio.


       In 1930, a new planet was sighted and named Pluto, god of the underworld, by an 11-year-old British girl who was fascinated with Greek mythology.  Historically, its discovery coincided with the Great Depression and just as importantly, the debut of Betty Boop!

          Both Mars and Pluto are powerful change agents yet differ in expression and intensity.  Mars is about the bar room brawl, bruises, and cuts.  Whereas Pluto is the bombing of Pearl Harbor and surgery.


       Thank goodness, these two are getting along today as their combined stimulating energies create a relentless driving ambition that brings transformation.  Awareness of one’s motivation will be beneficial and have far-reaching effects right now.  If you feel compelled to course correct and change direction, do so.  Betty Boop is flashing her garter and winking at you!


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