September 25, 2019: The Moon in All Her Glory

September 25, 2019

                                 (Artist Unknown)


       Moon struck, lunar led, and over the moon, are expressions which conjure up images of a person gone slightly mad.  During Full Moons, temporal insomnia is reported even if one sleeps in a tomb.  A friend of mine who ‘Swears to Hades’ insists, that every time the Moon is full, he hears howling coming from next door despite the fact his neighbor doesn’t own a dog, let alone a wolf.


       Luna, as she is called in Roman mythology, drives a silver chariot across the moon and overseas the night time.   She protects one when sleeping, as the conscious mind is no longer in charge.  The Romans honored Luna as the patron of solutions as she enhanced intuition especially through dreams.  Her realm is one of mystery as witnessed when she recedes into darkness on the New Moon. 


       In astrology, it is noted that Luna expresses through emotional responses and habits influenced by the past.  As she changes signs every two and a half days, her effects may be witnessed by observing changes in societal trends and public mood.  Her constancy is found in the fluctuations of the waxing and waning of lunar cycles. 


       As the Moon changes position, observe people’s behavior, it’s fun.  Do you detect odd sounds coming from the cubicle next to yours?  No need to peak over the fabric covered divider.  It might be risky.  Instead, later that evening, gaze up at the night time sky and notice Luna’s Mona Lisa smile.


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